Bugatti Develops Unique Baby II


During Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, the company unveiled their first fully functional prototype of the Baby II.  In collaboration with The Little Car Company, the updated 3/4 scale Type 35 is a modern take on the old classic. Some features include a hollow front axle, eight spoke wheels with Michelin tires, aluminum dash and digital representation of gauges. The limited slip rear differential, rear wheel drive kart is to be driven by battery power. Two options are available; the standard 1.4 kWh lithium ion battery, or larger 2.4 kWh pack.  Set to Child Mode, the Baby II is limited to about 10 mph. In Adult Mode, speed up to 28 mph are possible.  3 variations are available.  The base uses a composite body while the Vitesse is a carbon fiber body and the Pur Sang wears a hand built aluminum body. The upgraded bod styles come with “Speed Keys” that unlick more power and remove speed limiters.  Pricing starts at $33,000 and the 500 unit limited production is spoken for already.

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