The Drive Home II Starts December 27th


This year’s annual Drive Home Heritage Event starts in Boston, MA on December 27th. The 12 day, 2,150 mile winter road rally will wind it’s way through Boston, New York, Philly, Washington DC, Pittsburgh and other fine cities on it’s way to the grand opening of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI on January 7th.

Here’s the route:


Our local stop will be in Philadelphia on Saturday 12/29 at Pat’s Steaks on Passyunk Ave at 4:30pm. Bring your classic down and grab a cheese steak with fellow car guys.

Check this link out for all stops and info:

Happy Motoring !

Investment in Diesel Vehicle Finally Pays Off


This very savvy accountant from South Carolina has been waiting a very long time for this day. Today was the day that she reached a financial break even point on her decision to spend a few extra thousand dollars and opt for the diesel engine option on her new vehicle.

She knew that if she was patient that it would payoff for her. Here’s how she figured the math out:

She drives approximately 15,000 miles per year / This diesel vehicle gets 9 mpg better combined fuel economy than the gasoline version / She has to pay about 40 cents per gallon more for diesel fuel than for gasoline…put all that info into a fancy calculator and you figure out that she saved about $137 per year on fuel.

She paid an additional $2190 for the diesel engine option which ate up that $137 per year savings…until today!!! ¬†Today is the 16th Anniversary of the day she picked up this little 2001 Jetta from the showroom floor. This little cream puff only has 239,792 miles on it and from here forward she can put that extra $137 per year in fuel savings in her pocket.

Congratulations Kathy and Happy Anniversary to you and the Jetta.




New Improvements on Self-Driving Cars

With awful traffic, complicated road plans, and horrendous winters many people wonder how self-driving cars will survive in our world. However, nuTonomy will begin testing their self-driving car in Boston where, according to a study, America’s worst drivers are located. The co-founder says, “We’ll see challenges there we haven’t seen before.” ¬†With nuTonomy starting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, testing in the streets of Boston will give them an advantage, as well as make things easier. Boston is still developing their approach to these rides, but maybe self-driving cars are closer to reality than we think.jlxp0069