Lego Releases New Ford Mustang Kit


This iteration the the famed pony car comes in at just under 1,500 pieces and features a slick dark blue paint scheme contrasted by white stripes.  Features include operable hood, doors, and trunk in addition to a functioning steering wheel.0308193 Some included options are exhaust, supercharged blown motor, front and rear spoilers and adjustable rear suspension.0308195

This model is available at local Lego dealerships , as well as factory direct from and has a sticker price around $150

What Is The Best Way To Protect Your Car’s Paint?


Ever wonder how to keep your car looking showroom new? The weather finally warmed up and it’s time to rinse off the winter, but how do we keep it looking great?  A quick clean will do wonders for appearance, but to maintain that look we have to go further than just a wash.  Appearances account for about 30% of a car’s value. Protecting the paint is a big part of it, and there are a few options.

0305192 (2)

Applying wax has been the standard for many years.  The process, albeit time consuming, is relatively simply.  Once finished, waxes leave a high gloss finish. Water will bead off quickly after rain.  However there are a few down sides to wax.  The finish wears off quickly, lasting one to three months before needing another application.  Wax offers little, if any physical protection to the paint.


Ceramic or nano coatings have similar results to waxes, but the longevity of the finish lasts years.  These coatings work by bonding with the clearcoat and preventing environmental contaminants from reaching the paint.  These coatings have a small amount of scratch protection, but will not prevent rock chips. Ceramic coatings are growing on the scene and DIY kits are on the market.


Paint protection films were originally developed for use with the military.  These films offer superior resistance to scratches and rock chips but are not infallible.  Generally, the TPU that the films are constructed of offer some “self healing” properties but major damage to the film will need to be replaced.  Films are available in various thicknesses of the material. Installation options include full hood or half hood applications, as well as bumper, fender, and mirror caps.


Before any of this is possible, a real good exterior cleaning is necessary.  We have seen a growing trend of ceramic coating paired with paint protection films being used as an investment in the long term appearance of a vehicle.

How To Care For Your Convertible Top


Properly caring for and maintaining your soft top will help the longevity of driving with the top down.  At the beginning and end of the season, a thorough cleaning and inspection of the fabric and frame is in order.  Checking on the operation of the hinges and joints as well as making sure the seals make tight contact are the main goals.  Now is the perfect time to treat the soft top, being sure to match the recommendations for the material its made of.  Fabric tops will appear to soak up a little bit of water, where as vinyl tops will bead the water on its surface.  Household cleaners, bleach, and ammonia are too harsh for the top, many “car wash” detergents contain gloss enhancers and waxes that are not meant for a ragtop.  A specific cleaner for convertible tops will help safeguard the fabric from the elements while preventing premature wear and excessive drying of the material.   Be sure to look over the owner’s manual for operation specifics.  The last thing you want to do is rush through the process and do something that could compromise the integrity of the top.  A manual folding soft top with a clear plastic or vinyl “rear window” is easily susceptible to damage from being creased.

Vehicle Dependability Reaches New Highs

12397     According to J.D. Power, the quality of 3 year old vehicles have increased 4% from last year. Overall vehicle dependability continues to improve.  The most problematic areas have been voice recognition, transmission shifting, and battery failure.  Strong dependability scores contribute to higher residual values.  AAA says a majority of calls for roadside assistance come from vehicles older that 10 years.  Common problems are battery, engine cooling, and tire related.  With the U.S. average car aged at 12 years old, the chances of a brake down are twice as likely in vehicles over 10 years old compared to newer vehicles.  While maintenance will help your vehicle prolong its lifespan, new cars are simply being made better.  The BMW 5 series and BMW X3 are leaders in their segments, while German brands as a whole are all above industry standard.02261914

Supreme’s Most Anticipated Accessory

02261912     The NYC based clothing and skateboarding company known for its short production run items is releasing one of its most anticipated accessories.  This time they have teamed up with Hot Wheels for a Team Transport release.  The set will consist of a Fleet Flyer with a 1992 BMW M3, and will be sold exclusively through Supreme’s webstore for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection.  The brand offers new items on Thursdays throughout the season.  No price has been established, but is expected to catch a nice return in the second hand market.02261911