Racing Primer


Here’s a quick rundown on what is happening in the racing world. Several series are under way with some big events coming up. All of these events will be televised, check your local listings.



World Touring Car Cup makes their stop at Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany June 20th through the 22nd. FIA’s stop features a 15+ mile loop with 64 corners through Scenic forests and small towns with everything from flat out high speed sections to technical tight corners.

Riders in MotoGP take on Italy’s Mugello circuit June 2nd.  Watch riders get their lean on through the turns of the track. Ducati’s V4R  pushes out 275 HP at a screaming 18,000 RPM, all form a 1000cc 4 cylinder powerplant.



Dirt racing takes place May 31st through June 2nd at the Oregon Trail Rally.  The American Rally Association’s event traverses 272 miles over dirt and tarmac, with stages at Portland International Raceway, Columbia River Gorge and through high-desert plains.

Open wheel racing revs up May 26th with both IndyCar and Formula 1 series events happening.  IndyCar will be visiting the Brickyard while F1 is in France at the Monaco GP.  Winning events at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Circuit de Monaco, and Circuit de la Sarthe is often regarded as the unofficial triple crown of motorsports.


The NASCAR All-Star race at Charlotte takes place May 18th. There is sure to be much excitement watching this exhibition race. A cool million waiting for the winner at the finish line, modified aerodynamic package, and short format is a great recipe for eventful night.

29th Annual Cruisin’ OCMD


Mark your calendars for the 29th annual Cruisin’ Ocean City MD running May 16th to the 19th.  3,300 Custom’s, Classic’s, Street Machine’s, and Hot Rod’s will be all around OCMD. Various events from Boardwalk Parades, Concert’s, Cruise’s, and more. Catherine Bach (AKA Daisy Duke), Ryan Evans from Count’s Kustoms, Joe Diffie, and others will be there. Product displays will be at the Convention Center and Inlet parking lots. Over 500 awards, plaques, and trophies are slated to be presented. All the details.

Deutsche Marque Concourse d’Elegance

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche enthusiasts will be gathering  May 5th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at Nottoway Park in Vienna, Va.  Several judging categories will be determined based on actual turn out, and the coveted “Spirit of the Deutsche Marque Concours Award” “Spirit of the Deutsche Marque Concours Award” will also be up for grabs.  Additionally, there will be a non-judged “car corral” for other enthusiasts looking to show off their rides.  Food trucks will be making an appearance, as well.

Cars and Coffee Lehigh Valley Season Opener


The season opener for Cars and Coffee Lehigh Valley is set to take place 8:00 am on April 28th at the SteelStacks in Bethlehem, Pa.  More information can be found on their Facebook page.  Events are typically once a month from April until September, and previous themes have included British and German, American Muscle, and Truck/SUV/Jeep.

Audi Connect Prime Adds Green Light Info to Tech Suite


Imagine catching all the green lights during your commute. Audi is helping drivers reduce stress and ease the guesswork of doing so. Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory, or “GLOSA”, is a reworking of Audi’s traffic light information technology and is part of their Connected Prime technology suite.


Starting in  2017, this vehicle-to-infrastructure communication was initially offered on the A4 and Q7.  It  offered “time-to-green,” which tells the driver sitting at a red light how long they have until the light changes.  For 2019, it is available on many Audi’s, less the A3 hatchback, TT , and R8. The system computes recommendations by calculating the distance to the next light and the signal timing data, obtained via on-board data connections. The vehicle will display information to aid in catching more green lights and recommend a speed to do so. At this time, over 4,500 intersections and more than a dozen cities, including Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Washington, DC are able to utilize this program.


Programs such as this are just one facet of an increase in semi-autonomous driver aids that are becoming more commonplace in our technologically advanced vehicles. Many companies are working towards boosting the speed and efficiency of traffic in congested areas. Audi stance on the system is a stress-reduction tool for drivers. By smoothing out the commute, it allows them to keep a steady pace can make that time more pleasant.

Halogen vs Xenon HID vs LED


Headlights play a major role in our lives behind the wheel. We’ll take a quick look at the major types of lights in the current market.


Halogen bulbs have long been the standard.  They are easy to find and cheap to replace.  These bulbs have a typical lifespan of 400-1,000 hours, with about 800 hours being the average.  Halogen bulbs are sensitive to loss of gas and filament breakage.


High Intensity Discharge or xenon bulbs made their appearance in the early 1990’s.  They are filled with gas like halogen but operate similar to a neon sign with electrodes at either end.  They are about twice as bright as halogen bulbs, putting out 3,000 lumens vs 1,400 lumens. Typical lifespan of HID bulbs are between 2,000 and 8,000 hours.  The downside to xenon is their price and tendency to produce a lot of glare for drivers coming in the opposite direction.


LED bulbs are new in the automobile world. Despite being around about as long as xenon bulbs have been, they didn’t start making ground until into the 2000’s. LED’s are more efficient than halogen and xenon, and produces cleaner light without glare. They have a nearly unlimited lifespan in an automobile. Aside from the cost to convert, LED’s are susceptible to heating issues in the wiring connections and require a lot of cooling in the lamp itself.


Xenon and LED are both becoming more popular over halogen bulbs.  Whether xenon or LED is better is dependent upon ones specific needs for night driving.  The difference between the light produced and the beam length of xenon and LED are competitive, both being an improvement over halogen.