BMW CPO Program Standards Lowered…Again


It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in on the different CPO program guidelines so I’m not exactly sure when this stuff changed for BMW, but there are some significant changes here that should be noted.

You can see a few changes in plain black and white if you look at the clip of their actual CPO check-out list above. They’re now allowing tires which measure 3/32 of an inch and brakes that measure 5/32. I would bet that most used car shoppers assume that manufacturer Certified cars have all new stuff. Those folks would be incorrect and would not be accounting for the fact that their factory certified car will need new brakes and tires soon. Most new tires measure about 12/32 of an inch, so the new requirement by BMW is that a tire needs to have about 25% life remaining. I think most used car shopper who hear “certified” would probably expect more stringent standards. This is just one more cost saving measure that BMW dealers are trying to take in order to compete with used car stores. They’re taking shortcuts and it shows in the quality of the vehicles they now offer.

In addition to this easy to spot “black and white” material change to their CPO check-out, it appears that BMW has made many other changes to the acceptance criteria for used vehicles that can now be certified.

This same inspection form used to have items listed like previous body work, replaced body panels, painted panels, refinished bumpers, etc. It now asks almost nothing about the integrity of the body or the aesthetics of the vehicle. This policy of not having body or history requirements of these CPO eligible vehicles is now allowing BMW dealers to sell accident history cars as Certified. I guess they’ll now have to come up with a new term to call actual nice cars with the right history.

Here’s a few examples that I found within a few seconds of shopping online. These cars are supposedly certified vehicles with accident histories at different BMW franchised dealerships:







BMW X5 Protection VR6: Steel Ball Proof Windows


For those of us shopping armored vehicle, this one is also bulletproof and blast proof.


The materials used to make the BMW X5 Protection VR6 go through rigorous testing. Being shot by all sorts of bullets and being blow up from many different angles are just the start. Reworking the electro-mechanical bits such as DSC to handle the added  defenses. On the offensive side, there is the familiar 4.4L twin turbo V8, reinforced 20 inch tires, and an intercom for communication.  Impressively, very little outside noise that gets into the cabin.201911272

30mm thick glass and 4mm armored steel plating give these vehicle in the ballistic rating 6 category. This classification offer protection from high powered rifles such as the 5.56×45 and 7.62×39. In addition to this level of protection, BMW literally blows them up with the equivalent of 33 pounds of TNT at a distance of 13 feet.


Further reading on BMW’s X5 Protection VR6 can me found here.


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Bugatti Develops Unique Baby II


During Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, the company unveiled their first fully functional prototype of the Baby II.  In collaboration with The Little Car Company, the updated 3/4 scale Type 35 is a modern take on the old classic. Some features include a hollow front axle, eight spoke wheels with Michelin tires, aluminum dash and digital representation of gauges. The limited slip rear differential, rear wheel drive kart is to be driven by battery power. Two options are available; the standard 1.4 kWh lithium ion battery, or larger 2.4 kWh pack.  Set to Child Mode, the Baby II is limited to about 10 mph. In Adult Mode, speed up to 28 mph are possible.  3 variations are available.  The base uses a composite body while the Vitesse is a carbon fiber body and the Pur Sang wears a hand built aluminum body. The upgraded bod styles come with “Speed Keys” that unlick more power and remove speed limiters.  Pricing starts at $33,000 and the 500 unit limited production is spoken for already.

U.S. News Names 2019 Mercedes GLC #1


The latest reviews are in and U.S. News has named the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC model the #1 Luxury Compact SUV available. This model also took top honors in the Luxury SUVs with two rows category and the Luxury Crossover SUV category.

The GLC model scored an overall 8.7 out of 10 and received high marks for it’s luxurious interior, comfortable seats and it’s quiet and smooth ride.

The editors picked the GLC as a top buy due to it’s quality cabin, list of features, and solid lineup of engines. It’s also easy to maneuver, and it has a good predicted reliability rating. The base price new is a little lower than the class average, and the GLC has a level of opulence and refinement that you’ll have a hard time finding from any of its competition.

Here’s a few highlights from the U.S. News Article:

How Many People Does the GLC Seat?

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC has seating for five people. There’s plenty of space for adults, and the cushioned seats provide plenty of comfort and support. Outward visibility is good.

GLC and Child Car Seats

There are two sets of LATCH car-seat connectors on the rear outboard seats, and there’s an upper tether on the rear middle seat. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the GLC’s LATCH system the second-highest rating of Acceptable for ease of use.

GLC Cargo Space

The standard GLC has 19.4 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats and 56.5 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded down. These are estimates are about average for the class. In the coupe body style, the GLC has below-average dimensions: 17.6 cubic feet behind the back-row seats and 49.4 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded.

GLC Ride and Handling: Comfortable Agility

The GLC is a comfortable cruiser with precise steering and agile handling. Various driving modes allow you to adjust your ride to favor sportiness or comfort.

Is the Mercedes-Benz GLC Reliable?

The 2019 GLC earns an above-average predicted reliability rating of four out of five from J.D. Power.

GLC Crash Test Results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the 2019 GLC a Top Safety Pick+, which is its highest honor. It received the highest rating of Good in all crash tests from the IIHS.

There were only minimal changes between 2016 and 2019, so a used GLC model with the right equipment would represent a good value due to quality and reliability.


2017 Motorist Choice Award Winning Compact Crossover SUV

The Motorist Choice Award is given to vehicles at the top of their segments. Data is collected by AutoPacific and IntelliChoice. These research firms measure data points such associated with new vehicle ownership satisfaction and cost of ownership. The output of this data is a group of vehicles that can be a great long term investment, as they are enjoyable to own and have less-than-expected ownership costs. For the 2017 award, the Kia Sportage won the compact crossover SUV category.12821

This iteration of the Sportage has two available power plants. The base engine is a 2.4L 181 hp / 175lb-ft of torque naturally aspirated inline four cylinder.  The SX Turbo is a 2.0L mill making 240 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. The six speed automatic transmission is smooth and responsive.  Underneath, the chassis uses advanced high strength steel. The suspension tuned on the stiff side, but not aggressive or unstable. In the cabin is the UVO3 infotainment system. It features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as telematic services and an 8gb HDD.

For more information on this winner, check out the inventory at eimports

Car Dealers Playing Games with Sale Pricing….Again


I just read another great article written by Tom McParland over at Jalopnik about car dealers sneaking in fees and really just flat out mis-advertising their vehicles.

This is a very familiar subject to the guys and gals down here at eimports4Less because we have clients all over the country who shop for and buy their vehicles online. We hear the stories. They find vehicles online that are advertised at pricing that’s “too good to be true” and they find out why after spending a bunch of time arm wrestling the actual prices from someone on the dealership’s staff.

In Jalopnik’s most recent article, Tom shopped for a used Genesis sedan that was being advertised by a KIA dealer in NJ. This vehicle had an advertised price of $28,400. That sounded like a good deal until the dealer added on $3,000 in prep fees, window etching, etc.

Basically these dealers want to advertise their cars for the lowest possible price so when you’re shopping online for a car you see their price and contact them. They want to prompt that contact, so they use fake pricing to lure you in. Most dealers don’t like selling cars online to long distance customers and they don’t like selling cars to cash buyers because they have to tell you the price SO YOU CAN PAY THEM! Most dealers want the customer to make a commitment and spend half a day at the dealership before they make it to the finance office and find out the real price. And worst of all, many people never even find out the real price because it’s hidden in finance documents that buyers don’t understand and then just added to a monthly payment. You end up paying thousands more for a car that you thought was the least expensive one you could find.

Tom’s Jalopnik article suggests the same thing that we do: get the pricing in writing when you’re shopping for a vehicle and always question fees that don’t make sense to you. You should only be paying for the vehicle, the registration  and your state’s sales tax. Anything more than that should be questioned.

44th Annual Collector Car Show Tomorrow in Macungie, PA


First Pennsylvania Mustang Club presents their 44th Annual Collectors Car Show & Flea Market tomorrow, August 11, 2019, at Macungie Memorial Park 50 N POPLAR ST Macungie, Pennsylvania. Event hours are 10 AM to 3 PM. Registration is open 8:00 AM to 12 PM.

All makes and model are welcome, but because this event is sponsored by a real popular Mustang club and a Ford dealer…expect to see some awesome Mustangs there.

There’s also a flea market, 50/50 raffle, prizes, food and more.

Check out the Mustang Club’s site for any additional details:


Concours d’Elegance of America, Plus C8 News

The world-renowned Concours d’Elegance of America features some of the finest and rarest cars available. Since its inception in 1979, the festival displays a line-up of  exquisite vehicles on display. Guests can peruse the many available automobiles, browse through an exhibit showcasing fine automotive art and enjoy the fine fashion of the day. Taking place at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth Michigan 7/27 and 7/28


In addition to all the excitement, the much awaited mid-engine C8 Corvette will have one if its first general public appearances on the greens at this event. Many details have been well guarded for this iteration. Speculative powerplants include that of the hot twin turbo set up of the  V8 Cadillac Blackwing or possibly a hybrid 1,000 hp mill.

Silverstone Auction


Silverstone Circuit launches a 3 day weekend of selling and racing July 26 to July 28. An exclusive collection of classic and competition vehicles are up for bid.  In addition to the auction excitement, over 1,000 Formula 1, GT, Touring cars, and sports cars will be running in numerous races and demonstrations. 07081913

Prior to road racing, this was the site of a WWII bomber station which opened in 1943. Lewis Hamilton holds the current circuit configuration fastest lap time of 1:25.892 posted in qualifying in 2018. During the 2017 British GP, the official lap record in 1:30.621 was set, also by Hamilton.

All the lots can be seen at Silverstone Auction‘s site, with new lots being added. Collections from comedian Steve Coogan, and the late Barrie “Whizzo” Williams are available.

Schenley Park Race Weekend at The Steel City


Pittsburgh’s Bob OConnor Golf Course at Schenley Park will be taken over with 2,500 vintage cars as part of the international show and road race. The main gate at Schenley Drive and Forbes Avenue intersection opens each day at 9:30 AM and cars are displayed until 5:00 PM. Event held rain or shine.  200,000 spectators fill the golf course and surrounding streets to experience car shows and vintage racing honoring that of the origins of sports car road racing in the 40’s and 50’s. The races through Schenley Park are considered by many to be one of the most challenging race courses. 22 turns, almost a dozen elevation changes,  telephone poles,  stone wall and manhole covers make the the 2.33 mile circuit entertaining to watch and difficult to navigate.

This is PVGP‘s main event in their 2 week long celebration of automobilia!