Cool New App for Your Car


You can now diagnose your own warning lights, analyze your fuel consumption, view trip data and even find your car in a parking lot. All you have to do is plug this little box into your OBD port under your dash and pair it with your phone.

The app works with all phones and will do dozens of things for you for only $99.

Check out for all the features in this new app.

Cool New APP for your Fall Road Trip


Fall road trip season is finally here. Before you take that “turning of the leaves” trip through New England or upstate New York, check out the new app from Roadtrippers at:

Roadtrippers lets you plot your route on their map and then gives you tons of awesome detours that are worth your time to see. It also gives you notes, photos and tips from other roadtrippers who took that path and loved it.

You can also just go there for ideas on a good road trip if you don’t have an exact destination in mind.

Very cool.

33rd Anniversary of the Thrust 2’s Land Speed Record is October 4th


Tomorrow marks the 33rd anniversary of Richard Noble’s historic 633 mph land speed record setting run at the Black Rock desert in Nevada.

The vehicle pictured above is the Thrust2, powered by a Rolls Royce jet engine.

That record held up until Sept 1997 when it was broken by Andy Green in the Thrust SSC. That particular race team was managed by Richard Noble also.

Happy Anniversary to SPEED!