Top 5 Fall Car Care Tips from eimports4Less


Fall is a good time of year to check over a few items on your ride to make sure that you’re not left on the side of the road when the weather gets bad.

Here is a short list of things to check (or have checked) to make sure that your day doesn’t get ruined by a breakdown:

  1. Check your tire pressure. Most cars nowadays have a tire pressure monitor light, but those don’t always work perfectly. Save yourself a big headache by checking this out.
  2. Check your spare tire to make sure that it’s inflated properly. If you still have a spare tire in your car, check it. Many cars have run flat tires now and no spare tire, but check it if you have one.
  3. Change your windshield wipers. Nobody ever thinks about this until you’re cursing at them on the way home and you can’t see anything. Change them now and save the cursing for the folks in front of you that can’t drive.
  4. Change your engine air filter and your interior cabin filter. You car will breathe easier with a new filter and the interior air will be cleaner for you and the family with a new cabin filter.
  5. Get your battery checked. Having a load test done at your local Pep Boys or AutoZone is usually free and can save you a big headache later.