Cool Car of the Week: Jet Powered VW Beetle Hatchback


This is Ron Patrick’s beast. It’s a jet powered Beetle that still has a fully functional gasoline engine mounted in front, driving the front wheels, for normal daily driving.





This baby is street legal, has a factory look (other than 14 inch diameter rocket in back), and produces about 1300hp.

Pretty Awesome.

You can see all details on Ron’s site at

Cool New Automotive Gadget


The “Automatic Link” is is a pretty neat little gadget. You plug it into your OBD 2 connector (under the dash on the driver’s side on most cars) and it transmits info from your car to your smartphone.

If a warning light pops on, it can tell you why and possibly a quick fix to resolve the issue or reset the light.

It also keeps track of your car via your phone’s GPS function so you never forget where you parked.

It has tons of other features and is only $99.

Check out all details at