Cool New Gadget

Need a Christmas gift for your car lover? This is the perfect gift! The Satechi Vetie Mount will keep your phone securely in place while you drive. Why buy a GPS when you can use the one on your phone? This device will allow you to drive safely, hands-free of your phone and undistracted. This gadget will attach to a majority of car air vents and will allow the driver to focus on the road while still using their mobile device for directions. This is a must have for a car lover.81y6ieUDHNL._SX425_

December 18th, 1898 the First Land Speed Record

On December 18th, 1898 the French race car driver Gaston de Chassaloup-Laubat was the first to set the World Record for Land Speed at a 39 miles per hour. He was driving an electric car for this run. Land Speed records referred to human steered vehicles powered by a motor and this was a huge deal. Even though this speed is very unimpressive today, this made history during 1898.1898-First-Land-Speed-Record-Ever

Star Wars USB Car Charger

Are you as excited about the new Star Wars movie as we are? Then you need this. Every fan needs this Start Wars Death Star USB Car Charger. With your busy life, it seems that phone batteries never seem to last long enough but why settle for a bland charger? Best of all, you don’t have go through years of training in the Force to pick up this ability. This car accessory is a must-have.ioni_sw_death_star_car_charge

eimports Salute to our Veterans


Today marks the 74th Anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, HI that brought the war being fought largely in Europe to U.S. soil and cost 2,403 soldiers and civilians their lives.

We want to thank all military members, past and present, for their incredible sacrifices. Without you we couldn’t do what we do and couldn’t live how we live. Thank you.

Many of this year’s Pearl Harbor Day event will be broadcast live online at:¬†