Winterize your driving strategy


Winter begins this Saturday, and that only means one thing: No…not another ugly sweater from the Aunt that you really don’t like; we’re talking about bad winter weather coming our way and even worse winter driving conditions.

Bad driving conditions almost always translate into fender benders, crashes and all kinds of other issues.

In fact, according to PENNDot reports, December is the worst month of the year for traffic accidents. Over 12,000 were reported in the state of Pennsylvania last December.

So, how do you prepare yourself for the roads and the bad drivers on the roads? First, slow down. AAA says that the easiest way to avoid an accident is to slow down to give yourself time and room to maneuver and maintain control of your vehicle. That’s a simple fix. Take your time, get up earlier, leave earlier and get used to trips taking you longer.

AAA also says to double check your wiper blades, tire pressure and keep an emergency roadside kit with you. Your roadside kit should include a flashlight, gloves, jumper cables, foldable shovel, ice scraper, snow brush and some road salt.

PENNDot says that you should completely clear your vehicle of snow before moving and make sure your headlight are clear of any snow or ice as well.

Happy Driving!


AAA recommended Safety Features for Old Folks Driving Cars


AAA just released an updated list of their recommended “smart features” for older drivers.

Research shows that almost 90% of drivers over 65 years of age have some sort of medical condition that can affect driver safety, yet only around 10% of
older drivers are driving vehicles with features that can address those issues.

AAA’s top features included:

1. Six way power seats for drivers with limited range of motion in their knees.
2. KeyLess Go.
3. Thick steering wheel to alleviate arthritis pain.
4. Displays with contrasting text to help with vision problems.

The staff here at eimports4Less also added these to the list:

1. Back-Up Camera.
2. Voice activation.
3. Bluetooth.