Blast from the Past

On August 31st, 1955, the first solar-powered automobile was introduced. William G, Cobb showed the “Sunmobile” at the General Motors Powerama Auto Show in Chicago, Illinois. The “Sunmobile” has 12 cells made of selenium that produce an electric current that turns a tiny motor. 61 years later, mass-productions of solar-powered cars have not been available yet. Like GM, other car corporations are also trying to master the solar-powered automobile. Toyota plans to create a solar car that will use power from cells on the vehicle and also recharge using solar panels on the roof of the owner’s house.Sunmobile_15_inch_model

Corvettes at Carlisle

August 25th through the 28th consists of the largest Corvette event in the world held at Carlisle. This event will represent all generations of this classic sports car. You’ll be able to participate in autocross, burnouts, and a parade through downtown Carlisle. There will also be a huge swap meet with all types of vendors. With more than 5,000 featured Corvettes, you will not want to miss this event!


Flying High at the 2020 Olympics

With the 2016 Olympics underway, most of us had thought that by now there would be self-tying shoes, flying cars, and┬áhover-boards. Well by the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, that might be possible. Japanese engineers say that their flying cars will be in the air by the 2020 Olympics. A team of Japanese engineers are working to develop the first flying car with the goal of launching it for the Tokyo Olympics. This vehicle, called Skydrive, has three wheels and is equipped with a motor and four rotors. The reason behind this futuristic means of transportation is to provide a new way of transport to avoid the destruction of the Japan’s earthquakes. So far the prototype measures a fifth of the final size and was recently tested hovering almost 10 feet off the ground. The new vehicles of the future could be around before we know it.


New Hope Automobile Show

August 13th through the 14th the New Hope-Solebury Community Association will host the New Hope Automobile Show. Taking place at New Hope-Solebury High School, this show will feature foreign and domestic cars, classics and antiques, and much more. Since 2016 is the 59th year of the show, the celebration will present a 1965 Ford GT40. Proceeds will fund scholarships to the high school seniors. Don’t miss out on this exciting event.


Tribute to Penske Racing

Today, August 6th, in Philadelphia Team Penske will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. Taking place at The Simeone Museum, Karl Kainhofer will make a special appearance along with Gordon Kirby to honor Roger Penske. Penske was awarded Sports Car Club of America Driver of the Year in 1960, the most number of Indianapolis wins for a racing team, and much more. After Kainhofer and Kirby discus Penske’s achievements, there will be a book signing. This exciting event will be one you do not want to miss!


Ponoma Swap Meet and Classic Car Show

August 14th from 5am to 2pm George Cross & Sons presents the West Coast’s largest Swap Meet. At the Fairplex, you’ll see over 2,400 vendor spaces filled with rare car accessories at low prices. Also thousands of original and restored cars will make an appearance including Corvettes, Porsches, and Volkswagens. Don’t miss out on this fun event.