Self Driving Robot Revealed at eimports4Less

The cat’s out of the bag. A drone operator released classified footage of our self driving robot leaving our facility and driving off onto public roads here in Perkasie, PA.

Since this project isn’t a secret anymore, we may as well just spill the beans and let everyone in on the details.

Our robot, the TD901, doesn’t just drive cars and take people from point A to point B like a simple autonomous vehicle can do with a basic ride sharing app. The TD901 is capable of much more, including carrying luggage, opening your door, retrieving your mail, walking your dog and can be programmed to perform an endless amount of tasks.

The development of this robot was the most ambitous project that eimports4Less has ever taken on. From concept to creation, the team at the eimports robotics division worked day and night for weeks to create what we know will change the way that people think about their vehicle and it’s capabilities.

Now that the secret is out, look for future details and videos featuring the TD901 robot on our website at




Simeone Museum’s Sexy Tails Event


The Simeone Museum’s first Demo Day of 2017 is on Tuesday, Jan 17th. This “Sexy Tails” event starts at noon and will feature the museum’s  Auburn 8-88 Boat Tail Speedster, Auburn V12 Speedster, Auburn 851 Speedster, Kissel Speedster, Paige Speedster and the DuPont Model G Speedster.

If you’ve never been to a Demo Day at the museum, you’re missing out. This is a rain or shine indoor event, so don’t worry about the weather.

Demo Days give the museum an opportunity to create an automotive experience you’ll never forget. Demo Days feature cars from their collection, as well as guest cars from other collections, in a themed presentation. These presentations give you the ability to see, hear and smell history come to life through these magnificent machines.

Each demonstration begins with a brief lecture on each car’s importance and its place in history. Immediately after the lecture, each car is demonstrated to show the features and general operation of the vehicle. After the demonstration is complete, they lower the ropes and allow guests to see each car up close and take pictures.


Check out their site for tickets and info:

Auto Mania

Come out January 20th through the 22nd for Auto Mania. This event is Pennsylvania’s largest indoor swap meet for more than two decades. Held in the 59,000 square foot Agricultural Hall in Allentown, PA, this event has the perfect atmosphere for trading. With a wide selection of vendors, you will not be disappointed. No matter the weather, this event will be held. Spend a great weekend filled with cars in Allentown.


Ft Lauderdale Auction Starts on Jan 6th


This year’s “The Original Dave Rupp” collector car auction starts on Friday Jan 6th and concludes on Sunday Jan 8th. The event will be held at the War Memorial Auditorium on 8th Street in Ft Lauderdale.

Expect to find over 400 vehicles available for auction and many more on display.

Here’s one of my favorites:


Lot # 221.0 1992 BMW 328CiC Convertible in white. Only 57,000 miles and looks super clean. Here’s an affordable vehicle that you’d be proud to have in your driveway.

Check out all details on the show and auction here: