BMW X5 Protection VR6: Steel Ball Proof Windows


For those of us shopping armored vehicle, this one is also bulletproof and blast proof.


The materials used to make the BMW X5 Protection VR6 go through rigorous testing. Being shot by all sorts of bullets and being blow up from many different angles are just the start. Reworking the electro-mechanical bits such as DSC to handle the added  defenses. On the offensive side, there is the familiar 4.4L twin turbo V8, reinforced 20 inch tires, and an intercom for communication.  Impressively, very little outside noise that gets into the cabin.201911272

30mm thick glass and 4mm armored steel plating give these vehicle in the ballistic rating 6 category. This classification offer protection from high powered rifles such as the 5.56×45 and 7.62×39. In addition to this level of protection, BMW literally blows them up with the equivalent of 33 pounds of TNT at a distance of 13 feet.


Further reading on BMW’s X5 Protection VR6 can me found here.


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BMW Increases Range With New 33kWh Battery For i3


While not a full redesign, BMW is making some upgrades to the 2017 i3.  The first comes in the form of larger 94 Ah cells instead of the 60 Ah in older models. The new cells are physically the same size but generate a larger capacity by an increase in density. The 2017 model produces 33 kWh, up from 22 kWh. In the end, range specs are 114 miles on all electric and 180 miles with range extender.0321192

Additional changes include the Protonic Blue form the i8, larger 2.4 gallon Range Extender tank, as well as the moonroof that wasn’t available in the US market. The moonroof features individual shades separated by center console, but is a single piece that tilts and opens.

Vehicle Dependability Reaches New Highs

12397     According to J.D. Power, the quality of 3 year old vehicles have increased 4% from last year. Overall vehicle dependability continues to improve.  The most problematic areas have been voice recognition, transmission shifting, and battery failure.  Strong dependability scores contribute to higher residual values.  AAA says a majority of calls for roadside assistance come from vehicles older that 10 years.  Common problems are battery, engine cooling, and tire related.  With the U.S. average car aged at 12 years old, the chances of a brake down are twice as likely in vehicles over 10 years old compared to newer vehicles.  While maintenance will help your vehicle prolong its lifespan, new cars are simply being made better.  The BMW 5 series and BMW X3 are leaders in their segments, while German brands as a whole are all above industry standard.02261914

Supreme’s Most Anticipated Accessory

02261912     The NYC based clothing and skateboarding company known for its short production run items is releasing one of its most anticipated accessories.  This time they have teamed up with Hot Wheels for a Team Transport release.  The set will consist of a Fleet Flyer with a 1992 BMW M3, and will be sold exclusively through Supreme’s webstore for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection.  The brand offers new items on Thursdays throughout the season.  No price has been established, but is expected to catch a nice return in the second hand market.02261911

BMW Increases it’s Carbon (Fiber) Footprint


BMW’s $100 million investment in SGL Group’s carbon fiber division in Moses Lake, WA is paying off in big ways. As their designers continue to find new uses for lightweight materials, BMW builds larger, lighter, stronger and more powerful vehicles than ever.

The new style 7-Series sets the standard for lightweight materials use. The new car is longer and lighter than the outgoing body due to the use of the new carbon core technology, high strength aluminum and magnesium.


2016 BMW 7 Series

The 7 boasts what is probably the closest thing yet to mainstream application of structural carbon fiber. Cast carbon-fiber panels are bonded over steel in the B- and C-pillars, as well as the center tunnel, adding stiffness and strength. The hat shelf behind the rear seats is a cast carbon panel. Sturdy woven tubes stiffen the sills and form the longitudinal roof rails reaching from the A-pillars back to the Cs. The roof bows are also carbon fiber. Forming so much of the upper structure from the lightweight material helps drop the center of gravity compared with the outgoing car.

Carbon fiber isn’t the lone lightweight material though. The doors—both the inner and outer panels, as well as the crash structure inside—and the trunklid are made from aluminum, as are the front and rear shock towers. The dash support is a magnesium casting spanning the width of the firewall. BMW says it trimmed 190 pounds as compared to the old style car.

BMW Classics Restores Last 1600GT on Earth


A team of BMW apprentices and instructors just completed the multi-year project of restoring the only remaining BMW 1600GT. Back in the 1960s BMW commissioned Italian bodywork designer Pietro FruGT to build only two prototypes in convertible form and one of those was crashed and totaled during testing.

This shop is located in Dingolfing, Germany and I’m pretty sure this is the same shop that took on the task of restoring the King of Rock N’ Roll’s BMW 507.




eimports4Less Celebrates 17th Birthday

Happy Birthday to us! We celebrated our 17th birthday in January 2017. In addition to this milestone, we have also sold our 15,000th vehicle to an online customer. This sale means so much to our company because it is the 15,000th time that an online buyer has trusted us and purchased a vehicle “sight unseen” online from us. eimports4Less does not advertise on TV, in newspaper, or in print anywhere because we believe in online advertising and marketing. We continues to be a well known leader in online automobile sales and are still recognized as a top automobile seller on eBayMotors.

To read more about our 15,000th online sale and the history of eimports4Less visit:



Ft Lauderdale Auction Starts on Jan 6th


This year’s “The Original Dave Rupp” collector car auction starts on Friday Jan 6th and concludes on Sunday Jan 8th. The event will be held at the War Memorial Auditorium on 8th Street in Ft Lauderdale.

Expect to find over 400 vehicles available for auction and many more on display.

Here’s one of my favorites:


Lot # 221.0 1992 BMW 328CiC Convertible in white. Only 57,000 miles and looks super clean. Here’s an affordable vehicle that you’d be proud to have in your driveway.

Check out all details on the show and auction here:

7 Ways to Take Your Top Off This Weekend

Not that many things in life are worth getting a farmer’s tan for. Farming? No way. Golf? Forget about it! Driving one of these incredible convertibles? Definitely. Just in time for summer, we’ve rounded up 7 of our topless favorites, from awesome vintage rides to modern cars with all the bells and whistles…


First up is a 1973 Cadillac El Dorado Convertible. This is a land yacht with some serious presence. This baby isn’t fast and it gets terrible gas mileage, but it’s super cool and as comfortable as your lazy boy recliner. I think this is around the same vintage as the Boss Hoss mobile from the Dukes of Hazzard also (minus the horns).


Next up is the Mercedes-Benz E Class Cabriolet. This is definitely one of the nicest 4 seat convertibles on the market and you can’t go wrong with any vintage E Class. Every body style is stunning and turns heads everywhere. The fit and finish is terrific and the newer ones are loaded with gadgets.


Next up is the BMW 3 Series Cabriolet. Like the Mercedes E Class above, you can purchase any year of this vehicle and be very happy with the product. I’m pretty sure the BMW 3 Series has been on Car and Driver’s Top 10 List for about 25 years in a row…so any year will do. Again, the newer ones can be stuffed with options and gadgets so they’re a little more user friendly.


Next up is the Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster. This is a neat little 2 seater that’s probably one of the best looking roadsters on the market today. The 2012 and newer body style is available with a few different engines and a huge list of options, anything from panorama moonroofs to navigation to keyless go. Again, the fit and finish are exactly what you’d expect from Mercedes-Benz and the road manners are impeccable.


Next up is the BMW Z4. This is in direct competition with the Mercedes-Benz 2 Seat SLK. In comparison to the Mercedes, this BMW has a little less luxury styling and a more sporty appearance and also drives a bit stiffer and sportier.


Next up is another classic, this 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible. This is the ultimate 4 seat classic convertible and one of only a few convertibles that actually has four doors. These babies were loaded, for 1966 of course, with power windows, full power top, a/c and more.


Our last pick for top down fun is the 1973 Jaguar XKE Convertible. This is arguably the prettiest vehicle ever built and will get you a front row parking spot at any respectable restaurant. The valets will not have the guts to ask you for the keys either !

Cheers to taking some tops off this weekend !

The Future of Automobile Purchasing Is Here! No more salespeople !


eimports4Less is proud to be the first auto dealership to offer 24/7 direct purchase access of our entire inventory to the public.

We’ve always offered our full inventory on dealership-only inventory websites and we’ve allowed registered dealers to purchase any of our vehicles 24 hours a day. Dealers could always click, buy and wire their funds to make a purchase, we are now opening this sort of access to the general public through our new website.


This new site showcases our full inventory and gives the general public 24/7 access to reserving any vehicle, any time. We’re offering the same secure shopping cart feature as many other shopping websites and allowing folks to place a firm hold on any vehicle 24/7.


Now there’s no need to wait for normal business hours here on the East Coast, simply click and own at your convenience. Your deposit secures the vehicle in your name and starts the purchase process. The vehicle is then immediately pulled from our available stock and nobody else can step in front and you to buy it.

This service is available to anyone, whether you’ve just found the vehicle or you’ve been chatting or emailing with a staff member about your next vehicle. You are welcome to click online and reserve the vehicle anytime.

As always, please call us at 215-249-9100 if you need any assistance or have questions.

We are here to help.