Top 5 Fall Car Care Tips from eimports4Less


Fall is a good time of year to check over a few items on your ride to make sure that you’re not left on the side of the road when the weather gets bad.

Here is a short list of things to check (or have checked) to make sure that your day doesn’t get ruined by a breakdown:

  1. Check your tire pressure. Most cars nowadays have a tire pressure monitor light, but those don’t always work perfectly. Save yourself a big headache by checking this out.
  2. Check your spare tire to make sure that it’s inflated properly. If you still have a spare tire in your car, check it. Many cars have run flat tires now and no spare tire, but check it if you have one.
  3. Change your windshield wipers. Nobody ever thinks about this until you’re cursing at them on the way home and you can’t see anything. Change them now and save the cursing for the folks in front of you that can’t drive.
  4. Change your engine air filter and your interior cabin filter. You car will breathe easier with a new filter and the interior air will be cleaner for you and the family with a new cabin filter.
  5. Get your battery checked. Having a load test done at your local Pep Boys or AutoZone is usually free and can save you a big headache later.

Gas Prices Continue to Slide


The national average for a gallon of regular gas dropped another $.02 last week, making it six weeks in a row of consistent price drops.

The AAA fuel gauge reported the average price per gallon of regular gas to be $2.46, some 18 cents per gallon less than six weeks ago when Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas.

The most significant savings have been seen in Texas and the Southeast where prices have fallen roughly 20 cents per gallon in the last three weeks alone.

A gallon of premium also dropped 2 cents to $2.99 and diesel dropped to $2.73.

It seems like the disparity between regular and premium fuel is more than normal right now, but AAA charts show the pricing difference to be on par with past pricing.

Either way, it’s a great time of year for a road trip and the less expensive fuel only helps!

Happy Motoring!


Flood Cars Back on the Market

Jakarta Floods Displace Thousands

Everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks has seen the news footage of the massive floods caused by Harvey and Irma.

There were an estimated 1.1 million cars flooded in TX by Harvey and probably more than that number flooded in FL by Irma. Some of those cars will make it back onto the market and be sold to unsuspecting consumers later this year.

To protect yourself, first do not buy a vehicle that was registered or offered for sale anywhere near these areas at the time of the storm. Second, get any TX or FL vehicle pre-checked before you buy it. Make sure that the vehicle is clean before you pay for it. The cost of this independent inspection could save you thousands of dollars and many hours of headaches.

Carfax states that there are over 325,000 vehicles being driven on roads right now that have a previous flood history. That number is up 20% from just a few years ago and is expected to at least double after these two most recent major storms.

Texas leads the way with 51,000 previously flooded cars on the road, followed by 29,000 in Louisiana, 21,000 in Florida and 16,000 in Kentucky.

“Flooded cars rot from the inside out as water corrodes the mechanical parts, shorts the electrical system and compromises safety features like airbags and antilock brakes. Health concerns are an added problem, as mold and bacteria permeate the soft parts of the car,” the Carfax release says.

“Our data shows there’s still much work to be done in helping consumers avoid buying flood-damaged cars,” Carfax President Dick Raines says. “They can, and do, show up all over the country, whether it be a few miles or hundreds of miles from where the flooding occurred. With two devastating storms already this year, it’s vital for used-car buyers everywhere to protect themselves from flooded cars that may wind up for sale.”

Carfax is allowing consumers to check for flood damage at at no cost.


Over 1 Million Cars Destroyed by Harvey


Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on August 25th and dumped more than 40 inches on rain.

As a result, an estimate 1.1 to 1.3 million new and used vehicles were flooded. Many of these vehicles may make it back onto the resale market and the buyers may not know anything about the prior water damage until the mechanical and electric failures start to happen.

If you are shopping for a vehicle now or will be in the near future, make sure to check both the Carfax report and the Autocheck history report to see where the vehicle was last registered or offered for sale. You should seriously consider passing on the vehicle if it was registered or reported for sale in Texas around the time of Harvey. The value of the vehicles registered in TX during this major storm will be severely affected, whether storm damaged or not.

The federal government set up a website to try and keep track of all vehicles affected after hurricane Katrina, so we expect that they’ll do the same this time around. We’ll post that info and a link to that site once it’s live.




2014 Porsche Cayenne wins Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Award


The September 2017 issue of Consumer Reports just hit the store shelves and this month’s magazine includes consumer reviews and satisfaction ratings for three year old vehicles.

You hear a lot of TV commercials from FORD, Chevy, etc talking about “initial quality” awards that they won. What does “initial quality” really mean? Does it mean that they know how to build a car and initially it’s put together properly and functions as it should? I think that’s exactly what it means and probably no manufacturer should get an award for doing what they’re supposed to do…like manufacturing a vehicle. That’s what they’re paid to do.

That’s why I like to find articles and reviews from folks who have owned their vehicle for a few years and have gotten to feel the car out on every kind of road, in every kind of situation and then talk a bit about the highs and lows of their experience.

Consumer reports says “Consumer ­Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.”

Anyhow, that’s the kind of data they put together this month and this is what they had to say about the 2014 Cayenne:

The midsized Cayenne is one of the sportiest, most agile SUVs on the market. While the base V6 provides good power, the V8 engine delivers even more. The eight-speed automatic is super-smooth. The ride is supple and steady. The seats are comfortable, and the cargo area is roomy enough. Interior fit and finish is impeccable.

Road Test Results:

The Cayenne packs genuine Porsche DNA into its driving characteristics with communicative steering and responsive brakes that feel direct and precise. Even when it’s asked to carve its way around a racetrack, the Cayenne remains in its element.

And yet, it’s also a luxurious and functional SUV with ample passenger and cargo room. The ride is supple and steady when cruising on a highway. A quiet cabin and superbly comfortable seats ensure you’ll reach your destination fresh and fatigue-free. Interior materials and fit and finish are impeccable and in good taste with genuine wood, leather and chrome. A handy touchscreen interfaces with the audio, phone and navigation functions.

The owner reviews are outstanding and that’s why the cayenne beat out the other competitors in it’s class, including the Lexus RX, Lexus GX, Lexus LX, MDX, Touareg, q7, QX80, QX60, Escalade and more.

Branches 42nd Annual Car Show in Souderton, PA Today


Today is the 42nd Annual Branches “Brawn and Beauty” car show, auction and chicken BBQ. This event supports a great cause, the residents of Souderton Mennonite Home retirement community who can no longer afford to pay for their own care. Awards will be presented today at around 3pm, so get there early enough to check everything out. Trophies will be given to 1st and 2nd place in each of the following four categories: antique, classic, modified, and muscle car. A trophy will also be given for Best of Show.

Check this show out at 207 W Summit Street Souderton, PA, 18964

Good Guys West Coast Nationals Starts Today


The 31st Annual Good Guys West Coast Nationals in Alemda, CA starts today and runs thru Sunday August 27th.

This is the largest hot rod, customs and classic show in America and features all types of muscle cars thru the 1972 model year.

This year’s show also features a nitro dragster exhibition, live music, over 3,000 hot rods, tons of food vendors, model cars and pedal car show, pin striping demonstrations, and more.

Check out their site here for more info: