How To: Find Paint Codes


It happens to all of us: A shopping cart, kids playing, the neighbors dog…Scratches happen.  While nail polish can get you by in a pinch or at the very least protect the metal below from moisture, it’s a temporary fix.  When it comes time to order touch-up, one thing you’ll need is the vehicles’ paint code. Below are a few spots some manufacturers like to hide them.


Mercedes-Benz makes life simple by putting the paint code on the VIN plate located in the driver’s door jamb. They are not explicitly marked as such, but in most cases there will be a three or four digit code near the date.


BMW likes to put their paint codes on the VIN plate as well, however they are not always there. If not in the door jamb, BMW will place a sticker in the engine bay. They are usually on the strut towers, around the perimeter of the engine bay, or on the underside of the hood.



Audi does a printout that includes a lot of information specific to your  individual vehicle.  The sticker almost looks like a receipt.  It is usually placed in the well with the spare tire.



Following in Audi’s footsteps, Porsche has a similar highly detailed sticker that is found in the front storage compartment or near the spare.  Additionally, a sticker is placed in the owners manual.

In the event there is no information or you purchased a vehicle that has been repainted from its original color, there are other ways to get touch up paint.  While most body shops like working from paint codes, some will match the color.

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