The Lighter Side of News

With the workweek drawing to an end, here are some interesting news stories to help get to the weekend:

Florida man steals Jeep from driveway, gets caught by coming back to look for his phone. According to Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the accused returned to the scene from where he stole it and asked if anybody found his cellphone. Details seen here.

Rhino poacher completes the circle of life as he was killed by elephants and eaten by lions. Kruger National Park in South Africa is a game reserve of about 7,500 square miles. The preserve is home to Africa’s big five which include elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, and cape buffalo.

Mississippi driver Livestreamed Mustang speeding event, arrested on felony firearms charges.  In a previous video, he is stopped by Deputies after driving recklessly and can be seen and heard on the video denying the actions he had just recorded. YouTube is not the only means of social media used to incriminate himself, according to police. Investigators were provided screen shots showing possessing numerous weapons. Sheriff’s Office’s post 

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