Tips for Deciding Whether to Have Your Vehicle Shipped Home


Vehicle transport companies are busy. More and more car buyers are finding their next vehicles online and buying from long distance, so that means there are many folks making the decision to either travel and get their new ride or have it shipped home.

eimports4Less specializes in long distance sales. We’ve dealt with arranging vehicle transport for almost two decades and we’ve learned a little bit along the way.

Finding the right company to ship your vehicle is the first part, but for this blog post let’s skip that step and assume that we’ve found the right company and gotten a competitive quote for shipping the new vehicle to you.

As an example, we ship many cars to the Chicago area and shipping rates for door to door transport with a reputable company are in the $525 ballpark today.

Chicago is roughly 750 miles away from us, so you can definitely drive straight through if you want to.

There are really only two things to consider when you’re talking about a move of this distance, the weather and your time.

  1. Consider is the season. You don’t want to be traveling by air or car when it’s snowing out. If there’s a chance of snow or some type of severe weather, always ship the car. Snow does not slow down vehicle transporters
  2. Your time. If you value your time, then it’s almost always more economical to have your new vehicle shipped home. If you’re going to miss more than one day at home or work, then it probably makes sense to just have the new car shipped. Delays at the airport and on the roadways is common, so you may end up missing even more time than you planned.

Anything further than a one day trip, just have it shipped. The only exception is if you’re retired or on vacation and you’re just planning on making a road trip out of it. That’s a whole other story and could be the adventure of a lifetime!

Check out future blog articles for tips on finding the right transport companies and for great road trip ideas that start right here at eimports !

Happy Motoring



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