Famous Car Friday

Known for their music, The Monkees were an American rock band that started their careers in 1965. The group was made up of Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Michael Nesmith. Many remember the music, but no one could forget the car. Regarded as the Monkeemobile, the Pontiac GTO was modified and built by Dean Jeffries. There were actually two identical 1966 convertibles. One was built for the show, “The Monkees”, the other was to tour the car-show circuit. The circuit car featured exaggerated proportions, a tall windscreen, a parachute, and third row seats. At the end of the show, the cars were offered back to Jeffries for $1,000 each however, he declined. The television car was in Puerto Rico as a hotel courtesy car until the hotel went out of business. It was then sold for $5,000 and is currently with a private car collector in Northern New Jersey. The other car was auctioned for $360,000 and now belongs to a private collector in Michigan.