Famous Car Friday

The beloved T.V. family of The Brady Bunch also had a few famous cars. With 117 episodes, there were many different cars in this blended household. All the Bradys drove Chrysler vehicles until the final season. Carol Brady, played by Florence Henderson, got a new Plymouth Satellite every year of the series. This station wagon was gold with tan interior. Mike Brady, played by Robert Reed, drove a 1968 Dodge Polara convertible in the pilot, followed by many other Chryslers: ’69 Fury,  ’70 Fury, ’71 Barracuda, ’72 Barracuda, ’72 Impala, and a ’73 Caprice. To finish off Mike’s love for convertibles, he drove a dark red ’74 Caprice convertible that Greg and Marcia drove for their driving test. This iconic T.V. family owned many cars for their memorable, classic American sitcom.


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