Famous Car Friday

No one could forget the nine seasons of the Beverly Hillbillies with their old beat up truck driven by the Clampetts. This truck is based on an early 1920 Oldsmobile Model 43-A touring car. This model had a 43-horsepower 4-cylinder engine and rode on a 115-inch wheelbase. George Barris is responsible for creating this truck, as he was asked to design a suitable vehicle for a hillbilly family. He found a 1921 Oldsmobile behind a feed store, which he considered to be an almost perfect hillbilly truck. The rear half of the body had already been removed and all that was added was a rear platform with a high bench to fit Granny and Elly May. Driving this 40-year-old truck from the Ozark Mountains to California must have meant that Jethro had been a good mechanic.


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