Kids Are Asking for Sports Cars This Holiday Season


Ride-On electric vehicles for kids are back in a big way. This market accounted for $430 million in sales last year and has already surpassed that mark this year. Market analysts expect almost $500 million in total sales by the time Christmas gets here. Most of that growth and demand is due to an improvement in vehicle quality and high end features that are now available.


This year’s Toys “R” Us holiday catalogue features a four-page spread with a total of 23 battery-powered super cars for child enthusiasts, including Ford Mustangs, BMWs, a Ferrari California, a Mercedes ML63 and a Porsche 911. The mini cars are priced between $300 to $500, and for an additional cost, customers can choose accessories such as personal plates, spare chargers, customized turbine rims and car covers.

“If you can’t buy your own Maserati, you can buy one for your kid,” said Nancy Horvath, a buyer for the children’s division of Neiman Marcus Group, which included a 4-foot-long white Maserati GranSport Cabrio among its holiday gifts this year. The $395 Italian sports car includes three forward speeds, a reverse gear, an MP3 jack, and a low-battery indicator “so you’re not at the wrong end of the block when it gives out,” said Horvath.


Most kids that I know have not been good enough to get a car like this for Christmas, but here’s a link to the Toys R US catalog in case you know of any good kids that you want to buy a car for:

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