Holland Tunnel Opens 88 Years Ago This Weekend


After two years of planning and five years of construction the Holland tunnel opened 88 years ago this weekend, linking NJ to NY. The tunnel was originally referred to as the “Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel Project” and was later renamed in honor of the chief engineer, Clifford Holland, who died of a heart attack at age 41 the night before the two ends of the tunnel were set to be connected.

The tunnel was an immediate success. On its first day of operation, 51,694 vehicles passed through, paying a 50 cent toll (equal to $6.79 today) per car.

As of December 7, 2014, the cash tolls going from New Jersey to New York are $14 for cars and motorcycles; there is no toll for passenger vehicles going from New York to New Jersey.

About 1.2 million vehicles use this tunnel every month.

Check out all the history and stats here:



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