Check Out This Cool Car Gadget

Interested in speed camera detectors? This gadget does it all. It helps you to drive safely and free of tickets. The Cheetah GPSmirror warns you when approaching safety camera locations and high risk accident zones. It’s also easy to install, just clip the device over your car’s rear view mirror. The GPSmirror  allows you to watch out for red light runners or drivers who slam on their brakes unexpectedly. In addition, safety alerts will be sent out to focus your attention back on the road when you need it the most. Camera alerts are directional, this means that the GPSmirror will not send out false alarms for cameras that are on the other side of the freeway. Also, camera alerts will be spoken to you with voice alerts so that you will know what type of hazard you are approaching. Another cool feature is Autoranging. Warning distances will adjust automatically depending on your car’s speed. This device is completely hassle free. It is also almost unnoticeable from outside your car. There are endless cool features for this device. Check more out here:

GPSmirror-features (1)

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