What Your Car Says About You


In the ritzy 90210 ZIP Code of Beverly Hills, Calif., car buyers love their Mercedes-Benz.

The rich, as it turns out, aren’t just “different from you and me,”…they’re also different from each other—especially when it comes to cars.

A recent study was just conducted using data from credit-reporting firm Experian. The study looked at the most popular luxury cars in some of the country’s most exclusive ZIP Codes. Examining luxury-car registrations recorded between March 2014 and February 2015 reveals some distinct regional preferences.

In the ritzy 90210 ZIP Code of Beverly Hills, Calif., car buyers favor the Mercedes-Benz: the E Class. Base price of the latest model is around $63,000—that’s without the bells and whistles, according to cars.com. In 90210, the median home value is $4.4 million, according to Zillow.

Head north to the Bay Area, and car buyers shift gears. The top Mercedes-Benz in the 94027 ZIP Code is the S Class with a starting price north of $100,000. The median home value is $4.8 million in this area..

Car choice correlates with hundreds of personal characteristics, including individual hobbies, political preferences, TV habits and emotional qualities, etc. A recent study of more than 300,000 car buyers in CA shows that buyer personality traits are linked to popular luxury models.

One of New York’s most affluent ZIP Codes has a split personality. In the 10013 ZIP Code—covering Tribeca and Soho—the most popular car is the BMW X5, known for its performance and handling. New York BMW X5 drivers have a predilection for bowling compared with owners of most other models, according to the survey.

A popular vehicle in 10013, the Land Rover Range Rover, is linked to outdoor pursuits, such as horseback riding and skeet shooting—activities not typically associated with the Big Apple. The Range Rover is also among the priciest of the popular luxury cars, starting at $83,500. The median home value in 10013 is also steep at $3.2 million, according to Zillow.

Other popular makes and models across the country include the Lexus RX350, which is associated with high church attendance, according to the study. Audi Q5 owners, on the other hand, are big nightclub goers.

So…what does your car say about you? Night clubber, church lady, soccer mom ?

Happy Motoring

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