Bad Driver Bumper Stickers?


I just came across an article on about a neat study done in the U.K. concerning the possibility of “tagging” unsafe drivers or folks with previous violations to warn other drivers on the road that this particular car is known for doing crazy stuff on the road.

It reminds me of some states that offer a reflective license plate for old folks who do not drive at night. If a police officer sees that vehicle out at night he can assume that the vehicle has been stolen or there may be an emergency.

The U.K. poll  was done by Flexed, a car leasing company, and showed that the vast majority of drivers (86 percent) favor placing the warning stickers on vehicles.

It would be a sticker or sign similar to the Hazardous Chemical boards that warn other drivers of dangerous materials being transported by trucks.

I can see the benefits of this idea, specifically for people who have been convicted of DUIs or possibly a driver who has been convicted of texting while driving multiple times.

“Nobody should have to drive with the fear that the driver next to them is unpredictable or is a potential danger,” said Flexed spokesman Mark Hall in a statement.

I agree.

Poll responders, 1,450 drivers between the ages of 18 and 80, were given a little “creative” liberty to suggest what car stickers they’d like to see. Here are a few of the suggestions:

  • Driver can’t park to save their life
  • Warning! I throw lit cigarette ends out of my window
  • Has argumentative spouse in passenger seat
  • Will always drive 15 mph below the speed limit
  • Warning! Driver will panic when they see flashing lights
  • Sunday driver

While these ideas may be a little off the cuff, the original concept of warning stickers is a unique one.

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