Top Five Spring Car Care Tips for 2015


Spring is right around the corner…finally! Now’s a good time to start thinking about getting your car prepared for the Spring/Summer 2015 season and make a small list of items that should be tended to.

The following list was compiled by the guys here at eimports4Less. Check it out:

#1: Get rid of the road salt and undercarriage grime from the winter season by spending a half hour rinsing the undercarriage with your hose and brushing out your wheel wells.

#2: Check your wiper blades for cuts and dry rot. Nothing is more annoying than crappy wipers, so check them out and replace them before the rainy days of spring.

#3: Check your tires for bubbles, dry rot and damage. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere with a flat that could have been avoided, so check out your tires and replace if necessary.

#4: Have a few minor maintenance items taken care of: Change your air filter, cabin filter and get that oil changed if it’s due.

#5: Clean your car from top to bottom. Whether you do this yourself or pay a detail professional is up to you, but you should have this done every spring. It’ll make the car look and smell like new again, a fresh coat of wax will help protect you from the summer sun and a shiny car will help attract more girls…or boys.

Happy Motoring

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