Cool Classic of the Week: AMG Hammer


The AMG Hammer debuted in 1986. It may have looked like a mildly worked W124 E Class sedan, but this baby was truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Here’s a few stats to think about:

Hand-Built 6.0L V8, normally aspirated


417 lb/ft torque

0-60 in 5.4 seconds

193 MPH top speed

$160,000 MSRP

Those numbers are very impressive by today’s standards. In 1986 though, they made this the fastest production sedan on Earth. And the top speed was 10 mph more than the Ferrari Testarossa.



Founded in 1967, AMG (the letters stand for Aufresht, Melcher and Grossaspach, the A and the M for the names of the founders and the G for Melcher’s German hometown) was best known for building race engines for Mercedes-Benz racing until this sedan put them on the map.

AMG is now a part of Mercedes-Benz and is expected to turn out 40,000 units in 2015 with some sort of AMG styling or performance modifications. No matter how much they’ve grown, their “one man, one engine” motto remains the same: AMG engines are hand assembled by one man from start to finish. That technician then then affixes a nameplate to the top of that engine with his signature engraved on it (see below). Nice touch !


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