Cargo ship carrying 1,400 Jaguars, MINIs, and a Rolls Royce runs aground


About 1,400 vehicles — including 1,200 made by Jaguar Land Rover, 65 Minis, and one Rolls Royce Wraith — could be damaged after a cargo ship carrying them ran aground on a bank in the United Kingdom, according to media reports.

Jaguar Land Rover has not given any indication of the value of its cargo, but news reports estimated the vehicles on board to be worth $53 million or so.

Range Rovers and other Jaguar Land Rover models accounting for most of the 1,400 vehicles aboard are covered by insurance, a spokesman for the British carmaker.

The media reports said the vehicles were being shipped to the Middle East.

News reports say that the Hoegh Osaka ship, while sailing down the Solent strait Saturday, was purposely run into Bramble Bank, between Southampton and the Isle of Wight, to prevent capsizing.

The vessel was stuck at the bank Monday when salvage experts tried to steady it.

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency said that the salvage operation could take “weeks or even months,” pending hazardous weather conditions.

Eric Williams, whose company, Williams Shipping, is working with the salvage team, told BBC News that the cars were well strapped down and not as affected as originally expected.

We’ll post an update when available.

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