2016 Prediction: 5 cars that will be buried after 2015


Just like your favorite network TV show, some cars just won’t make it through another season. Here’s our predictions for five vehicles that will cease production after 2015 and be buried:


#1 is the Honda Crosstour. This has been about the ugliest production car for a handful of years now. We think Honda buyers are sick of looking at this ugly duckling and it will disappear.


#2 is the Honda CR-Z. This is Honda’s “Sporty” hybrid that’s not really sporty and it’s not very good on gas. Sales are way down and Honda will most likely pull this dud.


#3 is the Mitsubishi i MiEV. This is Mitsu’s latest flop. Only about 200 of these babies got sold in 2014, so look for Mitsubishi to stop shipping them here or even sink their own cargo ship at sea to get rid of them.


#4 is the Lincoln MKT. This is the ugliest SUV/Crossover/Wagon/whatever I’ve seen. I shake my head every time I see one on the road. I’m convinced that the only reason that this car was produced is because limo fleets needed a replacement for the Town Car. No private customer could possibly look at this vehicle and think that it’s pleasing enough to the eye to buy it or even lease it. Lincoln sold only around 4,500 of these in 2014.


#5 is the Nissan Armada. 2015 is the 12th year for this body style and sales prove that people are sick of looking at this beast. Nissan sold around 40,000 of these four or five years ago and only 11,000 in 2014. They skipped a redesign a few years back and we think the writing is on the wall. This baby should disappear next year and be replaced by something a little smaller and more economical.

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