Winter Tips for Surviving in your Car


Winter is upon us and anyone who has been stuck in the snow before can tell you that it’s a scary experience. Shoveling your car out of your driveway or streetside parking spot is one thing, but getting stuck in the middle of nowhere can turn into a life or death situation.

The guys at eimports4Less spent some time online today checking out survival tips and we’ve come up with this short list to help you prepare for traveling this holiday season:

1. Experts say that you should never leave your vehicle unless you can see your next shelter. Your vehicle is the best form of shelter that you have.

2. If your vehicle runs, start it every two hours or so and let it run for around 15 minutes to heat the cabin. Do not let it run constantly until the fuel is gone.

3. Always tell someone when you’re leaving and when you’re expected to arrive. This way someone else can start a search party if you come up missing.

4. Don’t over exert yourself. Shoveling for hours and pushing on your car can lead to exhaustion, hypothermia or even a heart attack. Just stay calm, get comfortable and wait for help.

5. The most important tip is to just be prepared. Get your vehicle serviced, fuel up, pack your emergency roadside kit, and check your spare tire.

Happy Motoring !

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