What does BMW Certified Mean to you ?

eimports4Less sells many pre-owned BMWs. We advertise exclusively online and sell to customers worldwide. We get calls everyday by normal folks who compare our vehicles to “Certified” vehicles. They think that because a dealership puts a “Certified” label on a vehicle that it’s somehow a better quality than one of our vehicles.

Most people don’t know what “Certified” means and the vehicle manufacturers don’t really give you enough info to figure it out.

“Certified” is the most abused term in the car business right now. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has their own “Certified” program and most of them mean nothing and offer you absolutely nothing.

Here’s a great example of how strict the “BMW Certified” program is:

This is a vehicle that’s for sale right now at a local BMW dealership. Here’s the advertisement:


This little cream puff is “Certified”. Here’s the Carfax report showing an accident history that was severe enough for the car to be towed from the scene:


If that wasn’t gross enough…here’s the Autocheck history report. This little “Certified” beauty has actually been in 4 previous accidents…and then “Certified” afterwards:




Now here’s a clip from BMW’s corporate website that shows you what “Certified” means. It means that a mechanic looked at the vehicle. Nothing more.


This is a super gross example of how abused the term “Certified” has become in the car business.

It means nothing. When you buy a “Certified” car from a franchised dealer, you are only paying more because they have a fancy facility and 42 managers that all get paid more by charging you more.

Keep this in mind while car shopping.

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