Cool New BlueTooth Gadget for Your Car


Now you can safely control your bluetooth audio device without taking your eyes off the road.

This is a great $49 gadget for anyone who uses their 8mm auxiliary audio input and just plugs in their phone or iPOD to get their tunes. Now you won’t need to use your phone to control the device. You can stick it in your center console or glove box and control it via bluetooth.

You can add this Bluetooth media playback steering wheel control to any vehicle in under a minute!

BluClik includes a steering wheel mount and a dash board mount. Both mounts include a magnet locking system allowing for smooth insertion and removal of the remote control from the mounts, while securely holding it.

Simply press and Hold the BluClik’s center button to activate the phone’s virtual assistant providing quick access to the Phone’s functions.


(1) Bluetooth wireless remote control

(3) Interchangeable trim rings for remote

(1) Steering wheel mount with magnet locking system

(1) Dash mount with magnet locking system

(1) USB charging cable


– Compatible with Android and Apple devices with Bluetooth

– Control your device wirelessly for playback and VR functions

– Super-long life battery up to 2 months of operation on a single charge

– Interchangeable trim rings allow for customization of the remote

– Control: Play, Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, Launch VR

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