Why is an Autocheck History Report just as important as Carfax?

Here’s just another example of a car for sale at a BMW dealership with a clean Carfax report and a terrible Autocheck Vehicle History Report.


This vehicle is also advertised as being “Certified”. What does that term mean…”certified”?? It seems like it’s the most abused term in the automobile business and actually means almost nothing.

Here’s the Carfax report that this dealer provides for free:


Now here’s the Autocheck report for the same vehicle:

There are three different pages here.


This is a perfect example of why it’s extremely important to check both of these history reports when you’re out there car shopping.

Also, NEVER EVER trust that a car at “Certified” dealer is anything special. It is not special, it’s just expensive.

Cars at franchised dealerships are not more expensive because they’re special, unique or a cleaner grade of vehicle. They’re simply more expensive because that dealership has hundreds of employees, a huge facility and an expensive mortgage. They have to charge you more in order to stay in business.

Happy Motoring….

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