New Year Car Care Tips from eimports4Less Auto Sales


Happy New Year to you from everyone here at eimports4Less.

It’s a good time of year to make a list and get yourself up to date on some of your car’s needs that you may have neglected during the busy holiday season. Here’s a few tips and reminders from the team here at eimports.


1. Change your oil. There’s no single item that you can do to help your engine last longer than keeping clean oil in it.


2. Have your coolant tested and flushed if necessary. Coolant should be flushed and replaced about once a year. If you have not done this, then now’s the time.


3. Wax your ride. Now’s a good time to find yourself some indoor space and put some protection on your paint. You should do this twice a year as a minimum.


4. Grease all fittings, driveline and suspension parts. Every moving part needs grease to survive, so keep things lubricated to extend the life of ball joints, u-joints and wheel bearings.


5. Change your brake fluid. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that is attracts moisture. That moisture can cause components to corrode and fail, so it’s best to flush the fluid every 2 years to minimize the corrosion. Brake fluid is cheap, replacing corroded calipers, hoses and components isn’t.

Happy Motoring!

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