5 easy DIY tips for fall car maintenance


It’s that time of year again. With fall’s shorter days, colder temperatures and inclement weather drawing closer, now’s a good time to check up on your ride and make sure that it’s ready for the coming season.

Although some fall maintenance may require a certified auto technician, here are 5 easy items that almost anyone can do themselves and pocket the cash that they would have paid someone to do it.


1. Clean out your sunroof drains. This is the time of year when falling leaves and debris can clog up your sunroof drains and cause overflowing water to pour into your interior. Take a few minutes with the vacuum and it can save you a huge headache. While you have the vacuum out, pop the hood and get all the leaves and debris from the bottom of the windshield also. There are drains there as well.


2. Change your wiper blades. Now’s a good time to toss out those old blades and put on a fresh pair. You generally use them more in the fall season, so replace them now and you’ll be good for the next year.


3. Check in on your spare tire. Make sure it has the proper pressure and that the tire is in good shape. The last thing that you want is to be sitting on the side of the road with a spare tire that’s flat!


4. Change your air filter. If you haven’t done this yet this year, now’s a good time to change that old air filter and let your car breathe a little better. A dirty filter effects your emmissions and fuel economy also, so changing a dirty one can help to increase your MPG.


5. Check your battery terminals. Inspect the terminals for corrosion and check to make sure they’re tight. A wire brush should be all that you need to clean up dirty terminals. This will help the vehicle charge better so you don’t get stranded with a dead battery.

Good Luck!

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