The Future of Automobile Purchasing Is Here! No more salespeople !


eimports4Less is proud to be the first auto dealership to offer 24/7 direct purchase access of our entire inventory to the public.

We’ve always offered our full inventory on dealership-only inventory websites and we’ve allowed registered dealers to purchase any of our vehicles 24 hours a day. Dealers could always click, buy and wire their funds to make a purchase, we are now opening this sort of access to the general public through our new website.


This new site showcases our full inventory and gives the general public 24/7 access to reserving any vehicle, any time. We’re offering the same secure shopping cart feature as many other shopping websites and allowing folks to place a firm hold on any vehicle 24/7.


Now there’s no need to wait for normal business hours here on the East Coast, simply click and own at your convenience. Your deposit secures the vehicle in your name and starts the purchase process. The vehicle is then immediately pulled from our available stock and nobody else can step in front and you to buy it.

This service is available to anyone, whether you’ve just found the vehicle or you’ve been chatting or emailing with a staff member about your next vehicle. You are welcome to click online and reserve the vehicle anytime.

As always, please call us at 215-249-9100 if you need any assistance or have questions.

We are here to help.

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