Tips for Saving Money On Gas


Here’s a few tips to help any car get better fuel economy:

1. Check your tire pressure regularly, especially this time of year. Fluctuations in outside temperature can cause your tires to lose some pressure. Check them when you fuel up to make sure they’re at the optimum pressure.

2. Get rid of some weight. Weight is fuel economy’s natural enemy, so getting rid of a trunkful of junk or a deadbeat friend will save weight and save you cash.

3. Remove the roof rack. When you’re not using that ski rack or bike rack, take it off. That thing is terrible for wind resistance and causes the vehicle to get worse fuel economy.

4. Premium Fuel isn’t always required. Check your manual and see what’s actually required. If it says “recommended”…use the 89 octane gas and save yourself some dough.

5. Carpool every once in a while. Let your friends chauffeur you around from time to time. If you have no friends with nice rides, now is a good time to find some.

Good Luck !

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