Car Buyer Alert: Watch Out For Hidden Dealership Fees


Car Buyers Beware: some dealerships are advertising vehicles very cheap to get you to visit their dealership and make a deal, then they’re smacking you with huge fees afterwards. Make sure that you read the fine print on the dealer’s website and you ask very bluntly “Is this the full price?” “Are there any fees on top of this sale price?”

It’s important to know what a dealer’s fees are when you’re comparison shopping different vehicles. The lowest advertised price on a vehicle may not always be the best deal.

Our sales team at eimports4Less hears stories every week from customers who have wasted their time visiting dealerships with cheaply advertised vehicles only to find out that the advertised price is not the real price. Then the fees get added on and it’s sometimes thousands of dollars more.

One salesperson at eimports, Rich Otto, had a local customer take a vacation day from work last week and drive to northern NJ to look a Mercedes-Benz GLK that seemed like too good of a deal to pass up. It turned out that the advertised price did not include a $2500 dealership processing fee! On top of that, the car had an accident history on the Carfax and was once used as a daily rental vehicle in Manhattan. That car sounds disgusting! And the dealer should be ashamed of themselves for dragging customers there to see cars that are not even advertised properly.

That’s the story that prompted me to put this blog article together. Take a look at the clips below that I found on some competitor’s websites after doing about 3 minutes worth of research. One dealer tells you that there will be more fees, but they won’t tell you how much until you call them and they size you up. Terrible business practice.




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