5 Car Safety Tips for New Moms


Here’s a few tips for keeping your baby safe and happy in the backseat that we compiled after surveying a few dozen customers and employees at eimports4Less.

Most of the stressful moments for parents and babies happen over not being prepared for situations that arise when you’re out on the road together. Here’s our top 5 tips to help make your road trips more enjoyable.


#1: Get a comfortable car seat. Something that fits the baby well, fits your car well and is easy for you to put the baby in without smashing them.


#2: Make sure you equip your vehicle so the baby can self-entertain. Get some clip-on toys that vibrate or jiggle, they’ll keep the baby from getting fussy while you’re driving.


#3: Always be prepared with a fresh diaper and change of clothes. Almost nothing makes a baby more upset than sitting in wet clothes. Being prepared for an emergency diaper changing stop is an easy way to remove the stress from the situation.


#4: Get a sunscreen for the rear windows. Even if your windows are tinted from the factory, it’s a good idea to invest in a sunscreen. This will help the baby sleep, keep the rear seat cooler on hot summer days and it will help protect the baby’s skin and eyes from the sun’s rays.


#5: Get a good safety kit. Make sure to have jumper cables, gloves, flares and a flashlight on hand for emergencies. Hopefully you’ll never need to use anything out of a kit like this, but it’s invaluable if you do. Everyone should have one of these in their trunk.

Happy Motoring !

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