Auto Mechanics taking customers for a ride ??


We’ve all heard stories about mechanics “taking a customer for a ride”. Like any other profession, there are a lot of very honest mechanics out there…and a few bad apples that are the source of these stories.

I just read an article in this month’s MONEY Magazine on this subject that had some good stats, so I decided to share the info.

A new study by Northwestern University shows that customers knowing little about car repairs, especially women, were quoted a higher price for the repair. “Among shoppers feigning ignorance about the cost to replace a radiator, for example, men were given a figure 5% over the average; women, 11%”

This is why it’s important to be prepared and educated when dealing with mechanic shops and dealership service departments. MONEY magazine goes on to recommend to check out the common costs for repairs. eimports4Less has always recommended Ask Patty to our customers when it comes to comparing prices and getting the straight answers about repairs. Check out for info.


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