Convertible Driving Tips from around the web


The staff here at eimports4Less has scoured the web and compiled a list of the top ten things you should know about driving your convertible this season. Now that the “Dog Days of Summer” are over and you can actually put the convertible top down and drive all day and all night, here are some tips to make the drive enjoyable at all times.

1. Use sun block at all times. You can burn even on cloudy days.
2. Put anything lighter than a paperweight either in the trunk of in the glove box. Anything that’s not stored is going to fly away on you.
3. Hats will almost always blow away on the highway. Save the hats for around town, low speed cruises.
4. Keep the interior clean. Dust and dirt from your carpets will fly around at higher speeds and can get into your eyes.
5. Set-up a soundtrack or mix of music before you head out. Nothing compliments a relaxing top-down cruise like your favorite tunes.
6. Practice rapid “top up” drills if you have a manual convertible top. This will help prepare you for unexpected rain drops.
7. Don’t flick cigarettes while driving. If you must smoke while driving, always wait until you come to a stop before flicking out the butts. They could land in the back seat and cause a problem.
8. Don’t forget your sun glasses. You’ll need them !
9. Keep your dog restrained. Fido might abandon ship at any point if you don’t.
10. Always, always, always tip your cap, wave or wink at other convertible drivers. This let’s them know that you’re part of the club. They’ll know that you know what they know and they know what you know, etc. You’ll both feel better about being part of the club.
Happy Motoring

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