Top 5 Cars for a Summer Road Trip with the Family


Of course the 1st car is a BMW 3 Series. The staff here at eimports4Less are all big BMW fans, if you can’t tell that from our extensive BMW inventory and the cars in our driveways at home. We’re BMW nuts here. Our #1 pick for a family road trip this summer is the BMW 3 Series convertible. Any 2007-2013 will do. This is the folding hardtop version, so you get the best of both worlds: top down summer fun when it’s nice out and a super quiet coupe for the ugly days.


Our second pick goes to the Mercedes-Benz E350 Cabriolet. This is a large enough car to fit four adults comfortably, but not too big that it feels like a boat. It’s has all the comforts and convenience features of the big sedans, but has a top that folds down so you and your guests can enjoy the weather. Awesome.


Our 3rd pick is a 2 seater, so you really need a small family to consider this a “family” road trip car. It made the list anyways because it’s such an awesome car. The Porsche is a true sports car. It handles, brakes an corners like only Porsche cars do. This is a great car for all types of driving also. They’re great on the open highway, the twisty back roads and everything in between.


Our 4th pick is a BMW 1 Series Convertible. This is the BMW 3 Series’ smaller brother. The body is slightly smaller than the 3 series, but you can barely tell that from inside the cabin. There’s still plenty of space for four adults and these are a blast to drive. This car does have a canvas soft top also, so there’s more trunk space for luggage or small kids.


#5 is the Audi A5 Cabriolet. This is Audi’s competition for the BMW 3 series and hands down the best 4 seat convertible that Audi has ever produced. It’s available with a variety of engines and in front wheel drive or all wheel drive. This one has a soft top also, so decent trunk space. The ride quality is also good and it’s plenty sporty enough.

Happy Motoring !

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