New Study: Top 5 reasons people get pulled over by the police


A recent study by the NTSB shows the top 5 reasons people get pulled over while driving in the U.S.A. Pay attention to this stuff, it could help you avoid getting a ticket from the man.

1. Speeding. Of course this is #1. I hope the NTSB didn’t spend much money on this study. They found nothing groundbreaking here.

2. Texting or talking on your phone. Some states prohibit this, so get Bluetooth already and solve this problem. Bluetooth has been out for about 100 years, there is no excuse not to have it yet.

3. Hazardous Driving. Police use this general term to classify anyone doing anything stupid on the road. Driving too fast in the snow or rain, shaving in the car, putting on make up, paying more attention to your burger than the road or changing your pants: all of these could get you a ticket.

4. Equipment Violations: This one is common sense. Failing headlights, brake lights, turn signals, etc. All of these are easily avoided with some proper maintenance.

5. Tailgating. Police love giving out tickets to folks who are showing signs of road rage. The best cure for this is to take your time and relax. Wake up earlier or leave earlier and give yourself extra time. I know this is easier said than done, but you will definitely be late to wherever you’re going if you get pulled over.



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