Another restaurant bans kids…and bad parents


This week another restaurant owner has grown tired of kids running crazy, making a mess and of their parents who either can’t or don’t care to control their kids.

The Sushi Bar in Del ray, Virginia is the latest in a string of restaurants to bad anyone under 18 years old.

By his own account, restaurateur Mike Anderson isn’t anti-children. He just felt adults needed a break from dining out with tots.

As you can imagine, there are some mixed responses coming from online review sites. Here are a few of our favorites:

“I’m not eating there anyone. My kids are more important and I cherish family time.” “Nowadays, parents don’t control their kids. I won’t sit near kids in any situation. They’re out of control.” “Now we just need a kid-free grocery store” etc…

Parents, there are “kid-free” restaurants popping up all over. Keep this in mind while traveling or taking your road trips this summer.

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